Okay, so, I just joined this wiki, and I had a really fun idea for a game. I was thinking we could set up an actual Dork Diaries situation! It would be sort of like a Hunger Games thing, but not really. If you get mad at me for not making all the characters, I haven't read the 5th book yet, so have mercy. All you have to do is say which character you want to be, and a description on what you want to have their personality be like. You can also tell me if you want a gender bender or something.

Character User Age Gender Personality
Mackenzie CCP Queen 14 Female Mean
Nikki Dorks Queen 14 Female Kind
Chloe Dorks 14 Female Kind
Zoey Dorks 14 Female Kind
Brianna Princesssugarplumfan 6 Female Not so nice
Jessica CCP leader 14 Female Mean
Brandon Dorks 15 Male Kind