Jennifer​​ is one of the CCP girls at WCD. She made her first appearance on Dork Diaries 7. She helped Mackenzie steal Nikki's backstage passes. 


She made her first appearance in Dork Diaries 7, but she might have appeared in the background in Dork Diaries 9.  She pretended to be Chloe (she had her name tag) at the Bad Boyz concert along with MacKenzie and Jessica. She is assumed to be one of MacKenzie's closest friends and part of the CCP clique. 


Jennifer has short hair. Her hair is black and her eyes are light blue. She wears designer clothes and purses. Her figure is thin and her eyes are similar to Nikki's even though Nikki has mint blue eyes.


Jennifer is assumed to be snobby, mean, and childish. She was pleading to go home and was crying when they got arrested at the Bad Boyz concert. She is considered a mean person for agreeing to steal Nikki's backstage passes with MacKenzie and Jessica. 


  • She is a CCP.
  • She is a close friend of Mackenzie.
  • She is a crybaby

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