Mackenzie Hollister

Full Name

MacKenzie Hollister




Student, Dancer, Editor


Marshall Hollister (father)
Miss Hollister (mother)
Amanda Hollister (younger sister)


Jessica Hunter


Brandon Roberts

Social Status


Hair Color

Light Blonde

Eye Color

Ice Blue



MacKenzie Hollister is the female antagonist and the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day Middle School and the leader of the CCP (Cute, Cool & Popular) Clique. She is Nikki's enemy and the main antagonist of the series.

Description Edit

Mackenzie has light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Her skin is very pale, Nikki states she gets spray-on tans. She hates Nikki and is very rude to her. Her parents are very rich, and her family has a maid (Olga) and a driver (Nelson). She also receives a monthly clothing allowance of $500, which she uses to buy pink designer outfits. It is said that she wears blonde hair extensions. She is known for sashaying as she walks, and whipping her hair while doing this. She is seen as extremely pretty and many of the boys in Westchester Country Day Middle school are attracted to her, but the one she has a crush on, Brandon Roberts does not but rather has a crush on Nikki Maxwell. It is seen in the pictures that she is taller than Nikki.

History Edit

MacKenzie is the most popular girl in school, and almost every guy in Westchester Country Day has a crush on her. She (like Nikki) has a crush on Brandon Roberts and does everything she can in order for him to like her back from pretending to be kind and flirting with him, to being mean to Nikki and destroying her. Her best friend is Jessica Hunter, who is the office assistant in the school. She constantly makes fun of the unpopular kids at school and insults them and embarrasses them. She dislikes Nikki and is her arch-nemesis. She does everything she can for Nikki to get out of the school so she could have a chance with Brandon and have Jessica Hunter as her "locker neighbor". In the fifth book, she boasts to Nikki that everyone says that she and Brandon make a cute couple and are perfect for each other. This could be a lie as Nikki describes MacKenzie as a 'pathological liar' who spreads false rumors about her so Brandon would be embarrassed to be with Nikki and be with MacKenzie instead.

Personality Edit

Mackenzie is very fashionable, clever, and is a perfectionist. however, she is also very vain, deluded, inconsiderate, manipulative, and snarky. She is very competitive and will do anything to win a competition, including cheating. She is very rude to the unpopular kids at school. She hates Nikki and constantly tries to get her kicked out of the school

In the first book, MacKenzie used her lip gloss (Ravishing Red Cinnamon Twist) to write the words "bug girl 'on Nikki's locker door, which made Nikki become extremely upset. Later on, however, Nikki recovered, and when she was assumedly going to confront MacKenzie, MacKenzie stated, "A lot of people use Ravishing Red Cinnamon Twist, you know." Nikki never actually said anything to her, but she had figured out a long time ago that the "bug girl" commenter was MacKenzie.

In addition to being nice, self-centered, and bratty, MacKenzie has a "heart of stone" and such a manipulative mind that she tried to steal twice according to Nikki's blogs. She accused Zoey of being a thief here and tried to steal someone's lost wallet here. She even had the nerve to steal Nikki's diary, hack her advice column and blame her for cyberbullying Mackenzie.

Appearance Edit

She has light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. MacKenzie always wears top designer pink outfits, carries expensive bags and has an extreme addiction to lip gloss (especially Ravishing Red Cinnamon Twist). She puts on lots of layers of lip gloss and shops at expensive stores at the mall. Mackenzie mostly has her hair in golden curls. MacKenzie is short, pretty, and has wavy hair.


She is the most popular girl in school.

She has a crush on Brandon Roberts.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

MacKenzie's sister, Amanda, has been mentioned in the books but did not make a physical appearance until Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star.

In Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life, when Nikki and Brianna stop at MacKenzie's house (not knowing so at first) for Brianna

In Tales From a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-it-All, MacKenzie's father appears. He is known as "Moneybags Marshall" and hires Nikki's dad as his bug exterminator.

In the Dork Diaries blog on the official website, MacKenzie's aunt appears at Westchester Country Day Middle School as a substitute teacher. She is known as Miss Hollister

In "Tales of a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen", it shows Mackenzie's whole family. It is shown that Mackenzie parents get annoyed with her, for example when she says she wants to go to Hampton Hills International Academy instead of WCD they say no and if it's a big problem wait till next month but eventually she transferred to North Hampton Hills. 
Mackenzie has a dog called Fifi 

Friends Edit

MacKenzie is the leader of the CCP (Cute, Cool, and Popular) clique and the most popular girl in WCD, meaning that many people aspire to be her friend. However, she is only shown to be friends with a few others, such as Sarah Grossman, Lisa Wang, and a CCP girl named Jennifer who appeared in Dork Diaries 7. Her best friend is Jessica Hunter. Together, the two do their best to embarrass, humiliate, or harass Nikki, and sometimes Nikki's friends, too.In book 9 Mackenzie gets upset when Jessica was talking behind her back. Later when they have a fight in the bathroom Jessica is now known as her ex BFF.

Love interest Edit

Despite the claims of being the most popular girl in school, MacKenzie isn't dating anyone and the only guy she is interested in doesn't like her at all. MacKenzie is head over heels for Brandon Roberts, who obviously is not impressed by MacKenzie as everybody else. She constantly tries to flirt with him by twirling her hair

Quotes Edit

  • "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hon!"
  • "Don't you need a LICENSE to be that UGLY?"
  • "That outfit would be perfect for Goodwill. If she knows what's GOOD for her, she WILL burn it."
  • "OMG! I bought that exact same sweater she's wearing! For my dog, from PetSmart."
  • "What's that awful STANK? She's supposed to spray on the perfume, not marinate in it."
  • "She has SO much acne, She uses a special makeup brand. It's called ‘Why Bother’."
  • "What's up with her new hairstyle? It looks like a small mammal made a nest in her hair, had babies and died!"
  • "She thinks she's SO cute. She's just living proof that manure can actually grow legs and walk."
  • "Nikki, don't get your hopes up about Brandon actually liking you!"