Mrs. Maxwell

Full Name

Mrs. Maxwell


Mr. Maxwell (husband); Nikki Maxwell (daughter); Brianna Maxwell (daughter) Professor E.gadd father unnamed mother

Mrs. Maxwell is Nikki Maxwell's mother. We don't know much about her, except for the fact that she is married to Mr. Maxwell, and has two daughters; Nikki and Brianna Maxwell. She is the founder of Family Sharing Time, which Nikki despises, and usually ends in disaster. She thought giving Nikki a diary will help her dad ommunicate her inner feelings as she battles with attending a new school. Mrs. Maxwell does her best to make sure her family is entertained and loved.At first Nikki thought that she was BRAIN DEAD because she wanted an iphone not a diary.

Appearance Edit

She has curly orange hair and honey brown eyes according to a fan-made picture.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Maxwell is an optimistic woman. She believes that having a good attitude will improve one's overall functionality.