Nikki is struggling a lot this month. A reality TV crew is following Nikki and her friends as they and their band, Dorkalicious, perform their hit songs, attend Karate practice, and in addition, have to deal with Brianna. For bigger trouble, MacKenzie is hogging the camera and using it to bring Nikki down. Nikki starts to feel ashamed when the TV crew gets in the way of her seeing Brandon, but that's not all. Now, thanks to MacKenzie, the TV crew think that Nikki and Brandon broke up, and they are now following Brandon everywhere as well! But it gets better when Dorkalicious starts a donation to children, Kids Rockin', and sell photos, autographs, and CDs to fans, but the discs have disappeared! Fortunately, Nikki comes up with a crazy idea-a kissing booth! While all the fans get kissed (on the cheek), and hugged by their favorite member of the band, Brandon gets in Nikki's line. Nikki playfully teases Brandon. Once he gets to the front, he hands the money to Nikki


  • This is the first book featuring a complete kiss on the lips between Brandon and Nikki.
  • This book also includes a kissing (and hugging) booth.