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The Nutcracker is the 21-22 entry of Tales from a NOT-SO Graceful Ice Princess

December 21Edit

Nikki Maxwell and Brianna Maxwell both get a Princess Sugarplum Dress. Nikki believes that it is hideous and wishes to burn it as Brianna thinks the opposite way. Their mom surprises them that they will go see The Nutcracker on the next day. Nikki groans as Brianna cheers. Brianna then asks Nikki about the nutcracker as Nikki explains. When she described CandyLand, Brianna gets interested of Candy and Desserts and ignores the rest Nikki explains to her.

December 22Edit

The Maxwells go see The Nutcracker at the theater. Brianna acts rude and kicks at Mr. Baldy's and yells really embarrassing things. She then causes trouble when she goes to the bathroom. Nikki then looks for her and comes in without her. Brianna then enters the stage, wrapped as a mummy and climes on the sled behind Clara and The Nutcracker. She then ruins the Candy Dance as Mrs. Maxwell makes her come down, the audience then clap for her as the Maxwells go home. Nikki had bought a cupcake while waiting for Brianna to get out of the bathroom so she places the cupcake in front of Brianna's Bedroom Door.