Top 10 Characters:

Nikki Maxwell-Dork! Loves art and Brandon! =D

Chloe- Loves to read, and is Nikki's friend =)

Zoey- Great at self help, and is also a friend of Nikki. =)

Brandon- Animal and photography loving cutie. <3

Brianna- Can you say 'brat'? >:)

Nikki's parents- Totally clueless. :s ?

Mackenzie- Super duper pretty/mean girl. Big crush on Brandon. >:-(

Jessica Hunter- Mackenzie's best friend / gossip source. >:-p

Marcy Simms- Shy girl. Originally from Idaho. Nikki's friend. : )

Theodore- Weirdo. Member of SuperFreaks, and Dorkalicious/Actually I'm Not Really Sure Yet! (O.o)