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Mr. Baker (Father)
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Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color

Violet Blue

Violet Baker is Nikki Maxwell's good friend. She is also an unpopular girl at Westchester Country Day, like Nikki.

History Edit

Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl Edit

Violet is first mentioned in Party Girl when Nikki is mentioning the most unpopular people at school. She lists Violet at number 9 making her the most popular person out of the unpopular people.

While Nikki is looking at the Halloween dance chairsperson sign up list it is shown that that Violet signed up too and lost to Mackenzie Hollister. After she lost she decided to join the clean up crew.

Violet also appears at the dance committee meeting and is told to wear ugly jumpsuits by Mackenzie and come to her party. It is unknown what her reaction was to this as Nikki did not write about it.

When all the CCPs leave the commity and leave Theodore, Nikki,Chloe, Zoey and Violet in charge Violet takes care of the mucic situation.

At the dance Violet dresses up as an evil clown and acts as a DJ using her huge i tunes collection. When the crowd begins to feel angry, Principal Winston tells her to get the crowd happy again. She takes the microphone and says that they, "need to get the party started".

Personality Edit

Violet is very loud and according to Nikki, she always let's you know what she's thinking. She enjoys spending time with her friends practicing her instrument. But she is also very compassionate. When with her friends she is quite humorous, but when at home she feels alone with no siblings, but can always count on her best friends. She is also sensitive and when she is let's you know by getting a tad louder than she already seems to be.

Appearance Edit

Violet has light brown hair and violet eyes.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Violet's friends include Nikki Maxwell. She was grumpy when she was in the meeting for the dance with Nikki, but she was a bit nicer to Nikki in Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star and wanted to audition for her band. During one of the rehearsals she said, I'm a dork and I'm proud of it! which led to the inspiration to write the song, "Dorks Rule".

At some point, they got each other's phone numbers because they have called each other several times throughout the series.

Trivia Edit

  • She has over 1,000 songs on her iPod.
  • It was revealed that has been in music competitions all over the world and has won most of them.
  • Violet seems to hate MacKenzie Hollister after she put the responsibility for the dance on the clean-up crew and almost destroyed their band.