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Zoeysha Ebony "Zoey" Franklin is the best friend of Nikki Maxwell and with Chloe Garcia. She is 14 years old, and like her friends Nikki and Chloe, is a dork.

Personality Edit

Zoey is nice, sweet, and loyal. She always stands up for Nikki, along with Chloe, when people pick on her. They seem to be great friends, being the "dorks". She is understanding, a self help enthusiast, and also a little absent minded. Like her friend Chloe, she is very sassy, and refuses to let Nikki feel down, as shown in her reluctance to let Nikki sulk all day. She is a great friend to Nikki and Chloe.

Appearance Edit

Zoey has short light hair that curves at her shoulders. She sometimes puts her hair in pigtails (shown in Gallery). She usually wears blouses, jeans, and a few accessories much like her friends. She is of African American descent, and has light skin.

Family Edit

Zoey is shown to have a very strained family. Her parents have separated, creating a distance. Her father has married a new woman, whom Zoey gets along with. Zoey's mother is an attorney and her father is a producer. Zoey claims she has "two mother figures"; them being her grandmother and mother, who can be a little overbearin. Despite this, Zoey shows deep love for both sides of her family.

Friends Edit

Zoey's friends include Nikki MaxwellChloe GarciaBrandon RobertsMarcy SimmsMarcus, and Theodore L. Swagmire. They all go to the same school and they are very fond of each other. Her best friends are Chloe and Nikki, who she worked in the library with.

Love Interest Edit

Zoey's romance has been mentioned in the series, she had a crush on Jason. They danced, but her heart was broken when Jason asked someone else to another event. In the sixth book, however, she asked Theodore L. Swagmire III to the Sweetheart Dance, who said yes, showing their mutual attraction. They held hands, and slow-danced.

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